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ASP.NET MVC 3 : DLLs needed to run app on Windows Azure

Από George Chatzimanolis Άρθρο Κανένα σχόλιο

If you develop any ASP.NET MVC 3 application (which currently is in RC 2 release) with Razor view engine and you need to run it on Windows Azure then you have to upload some extra DLLs to the cloud. Below is a list of DLLs you need to have as local copies to get ASP.NET MVC 3 run in Windows Azure web role.

Configuring and managing windows 2012 core systems

Από Lefteris Karafilis Άρθρο Κανένα σχόλιο

Since windows 2008, windows core has become a valuable option for deploying more secure and more stable windows servers. Although it is quite easy, many administrators avoid to deploy such solutions because they feel unsure on how to configure and manage such systems.


The main idea is to set up the essential things of the system, like IP settings, firewall rules, domain membership; and use a management station to further monitor and manage your server.


ITBully Podcast #5 - The Drupal Talk

Από George Chatzimanolis Podcast 2 σχόλια

George Chatzimanolis and Lefteris Karafilis are discussing technology news in the weekly ITBully Podcast.

Sync Your Files With Windows Live Mesh 2011

Από Lefteris Karafilis Videos Κανένα σχόλιο

Simple walkthrough for using windows live mesh 2011 to sync files between computers and skydrive service